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We firmly believe good partnerships can only be built on long-term business relationships. Therefore, it is important we understand exactly what working for your company requires, so that we can provide you with top-notch service. We take pride in customer satisfaction. We have the experience and knowledge to match a work order or statement of work with the skill sets of a highly qualified IT professional. 


This is also the reason why we do not specialize in just a few industries. We must know the relevant industry to truly be able to work in and with it. Find out more about our staffing specializations or check out our reference list to learn more about our clients and what they think of us.

Client testimonials

County of

Los Angeles ISD

“Since 1998, Exclusive Network Enterprises has been providing IT/Telecommunications consultants to the County of Los Angeles ISD. The quality of these consultants has been consistently excellent. The choice of candidate has matched the specific skill set as requested on each occasion. Since the agency knows exactly what we are looking for, I can completely trust that they will send me the best applicants. Anyone who comes to me from Exclusive Network Enterprises has a great chance of getting the job.”



— Pennye King-Younger,

Section Manager


Baltimore County

Public Schools

“All of the IT candidates that Exclusive Network Enterprises sent us corresponded with our wishes and qualification requirements. Exclusive Network Enterprises has maintained a satisfactory business relationship with BCPS since 2002.”






— Jefferey Miller

C.P.M Purchasing Agent

County of Orange

Community Resources


“Exclusive Network Enterprises has provided me with IT consultants since 2009. They have been able to consistently match my skill set requirements with qualified candidates who have performed above expectation. One call to Exclusive Network Enterprises is enough to find professional IT consultants.”




— Clyde Gamboa,

IT Manager


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